GreenLight helps you LearnStrategizeImplement Sustainability Initiatives

GreenLight Solutions Foundation has three phases of sustainability education. The Learn, Strategize, & Implement program is designed for professionals to meet the needs of the evolving business environment.

Where is your organization in its sustainability journey?


Understand the Fundamentals of Sustainability

Sustainability Seminar Series

This 3-part lunch & learn series provides an educational employee engagement opportunity. Learn about fundamental topics, the business case for sustainability, greening your workspace, and aligning with the SDGs.


Co-Create a Strategic Sustainability Plan

Strategy Workshops

Craft a sustainability strategy for your business. Align with your vision & mission, assess potential certifications, establish goals & initiatives, plan measurement & reporting, and create your roadmap. 


Advance Your Business for the Better


Engage in a project to align your business operations with your sustainability plan. Complete the GreenLight GuideLines project process and deliver measurable results.


Understand the Fundamentals of Sustainability

To start or accelerate your company’s sustainability journey, Learn with GreenLight. In our Sustainability Seminar Series, we cover the fundamentals, UN Sustainable Development Goals, office greening, and dive deeper into global sustainability best practices. Our Learn programs serve as great continued education for high-performing teams and striving organizations. Sustainability skills make a professional better at their job, and a company better at what they do – across industries and job functions.

This phase provides foundational sustainability education and creates initial buy-in from all levels at your company – from entry level to C-suite executives. Create a culture of sustainability in your workplace with our Sustainability Seminar Series. Your sustainability journey starts here.

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Co-Create a Strategic Sustainability Plan

To craft a sustainability strategy for your business, Strategize with GreenLight. In our Strategy Workshops, align with your vision & mission, assess relevant certifications, establish goals & initiatives, plan measurement & reporting, and create your roadmap. During our Strategize programs, our team facilitates the co-creation of a strategic sustainability plan, which fosters a collaborative, creative space and brings value from cross-disciplinary perspectives. Your company will leave with comprehensive, step-by-step strategies to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

This phase sets the vision for how your company can reach its fullest potential. Our team specializes in bringing sustainability solutions to life, in the most strategic and effective means possible.


Advance Your Business for the Better

To meet your sustainability goals, Implement with GreenLight. Put sustainability best practices into action to advance your business operations through our Professional Solutioneer Certificates, GreenLight Bootcamps, and Student-Led Projects. Implementation initiatives complete the GreenLight GuideLines project process and deliver measurable results. The Implement Phase is where you begin to reap the benefits of sustainability by decreasing your ecological footprint, taking advantage of operational cost reductions, and bringing prosperity to people and our planet. In alignment with your sustainability plan, we make your strategic goals reality.

This phase helps your customers get more from your brand. They will know that buying from you means they are making an impact, setting your company a part from competitors. Our team will help your brand become more attractive to the world, and have measurable positive impacts to back it up.

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“Greenlight Solutions is a great concept that matches real world need with skilled students who are looking to gain real world sustainability “chops.” It’s a win-win — but the biggest winner might be the planet. I don’t see a reason why this simple concept can’t be easily replicated a thousand times at other colleges and universities around the world.”

“GreenLight Solutions puts forth a genuine effort to learn and collaborate on growing people and their environment. GreenLight is resilient, unyielding, persistent, determined and strong.”

“GreenLight Solutions helped to make a significant impact in how we manage our resource yard and communicate our sustainability goals to event attendees. The students were hard-working and insightful, often helping us uncover us new ways to be eco-conscious!”
Rob Jameson, CTO/CMO, Arcosanti

“GLS is a great organization that helps small business and organizations solve sustainability challenges while fostering a collaborative approach to real world solutions! I fully support the mission and vision of Green Light Solutions.”

“GreenLight Solutions was a pleasure to work with! Thank you GreenLight Solutions for helping our organization understand the impacts of climate change on our infrastructure.”

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