Project Description

Shape Up Us

Fall 2020

“I loved working with GreenLight – you are passionate, driven, creative and “Think Outside The Lunchbox” to  make our world a better place. Thank YOU for YOU!” Jyl Steinback, Executive Director, Shape Up US

“We are grateful to be a part of GreenLight Solutions and for all of the opportunities we have experienced through being GreenLight Solutioneers. Being part of such a progressive, sustainability-focused organization is extremely rewarding, as it has helped us build both professional and personal skills, all while allowing us to make a difference in the world around us. Thank you GreenLight & Shape Up US!” -Solutioneers on Shape Up US Project Team

“GreenLight has shaped my college experience by allowing me to do hands-on work with so many like-minded individuals. It has given me a community of other like minded sustainability-focused people!”Rachel Antidormi, Project Lead, Shape Up US Project Team

“Greenlight has provided me with the amazing opportunity to help people and their businesses become more sustainable. I’m so grateful for the experience and the networking opportunities that I have been granted.” Alessandra Flores, Solutioneer, Shape Up US Project Team

Solutioneers worked with Shape Up US to create a comprehensive workbook for children and families to educate households on everyday sustainability knowledge through in-book and in-home, hands-on activities. This workbook is now available for families across the United States.

Project Lead
Rachel Antidormi

Project Team
Andrea Castro | Alessandra Flores | Kate Hartland | Iona Isachsen | Ashlee Taylor

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Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

Shape Up US Green Paper
Shape Up US Fall 2020 Green Paper