Outstanding Start to 2016 Spring Projects!

The Spring 2016 semester is off to an outstanding start, we have added nine new Solutioneers to the cohort which brings us to a total of forty active members. The Solutioneers come from many disciplines such as business, engineering, science, and of course sustainability. This diversity enables us to solve sustainability issues from many angles. Companies working with GLS have the opportunity to collaborate with a cutting edge team of professionals and students eager to bring solutions from inception to implementation to help solve unique sustainability challenges. While at the same time students have a way to apply their respective knowledge and skills to real world sustainability problems.

We are currently working six projects this semester ranging from Corporate Social Reports (CSR) to working with a local government to create an inventory of sustainability initiatives and performance metrics. We also have a project working with a Montessori School applying several fundamental sustainability practices. This will create a much improved learning environment for the students as well as an interactive setting to learn many principles of sustainability. Another team is working with festival promoters to improve the sustainability of their events, as it pertains to trash, water, traffic flow, etc. And last but not least we have a team working on a cutting edge project related to bio-fuels.


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