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Why Sustainability?

The world is changing, and so is business.

Prioritizing people and environmental responsibility are basic costs of entry for businesses, now and in the future.

With countless benefits to “going green,” the business case for sustainability is clear.

“Firms that adopted environmental standards have seen a 16% increase in productivity over firms that did not adopt sustainability practices.”
-Harvard Business Review

83% of millennials say they would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social or environmental issues.”
-2016 Cone Communications Millennial Engagement Study

“Corporations that are actively managing and planning for climate change secure an 18% higher ROI than companies that aren’t.”
-The Guardian


Strategize, and
sustainability initiatives…

We are excited to bring our Sustainability Seminar Series, Strategy Workshops, Professional Solutioneer Certificates, GreenLight Bootcamps, and Student-Led Projects to your team and organization.

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What are our Project Partners saying about GreenLight?

“Greenlight Solutions is a great concept that matches real world need with skilled students who are looking to gain real world sustainability “chops.” It’s a win-win — but the biggest winner might be the planet. I don’t see a reason why this simple concept can’t be easily replicated a thousand times at other colleges and universities around the world.”

“GreenLight Solutions puts forth a genuine effort to learn and collaborate on growing people and their environment. GreenLight is resilient, unyielding, persistent, determined and strong.”

“GreenLight Solutions helped to make a significant impact in how we manage our resource yard and communicate our sustainability goals to event attendees. The students were hard-working and insightful, often helping us uncover us new ways to be eco-conscious!”
Rob Jameson, CTO/CMO, Arcosanti

“It’s great to have a dedicated group of people looking at a sustainability challenge that we don’t have the resources or capacity to pursue. GreenLight is a great organization that helps small business and organizations solve sustainability challenges while fostering a collaborative approach to real world solutions! I fully support the mission and vision of GreenLight Solutions.”

“GreenLight Solutions was a pleasure to work with! Thank you GreenLight Solutions for helping our organization understand the impacts of climate change on our infrastructure.”

“Love working with you all. Three words to describe GreenLight Solutions are focused, dynamic, & excited.

“We partnered with GreenLight Solutions to promote the Phoenix Solar Co-op. They helped us to spread the word about neighbors in Phoenix coming together to go solar as a group. The students quickly learned to present information about solar to the public. They developed and implemented a marketing plan over email, social media and in-person (pre-COVID).”

What are students saying about GreenLight?

“GreenLight is a geat place to interact and make friends, learn working on real life projects, hone your managerial and team work skills while balancing work and study.”

Saylee Koli, Scottsdale Fairmont Princess Project Team

“I really enjoyed the process of working on the project throughout the semester. The GreenLight GuideLines and Leadership Team where instrumental in my group’s success.”

Sam Schneider, Stardust Building Supplies Project Team
“My time with GreenLight has truly been one of the highlights of my college career. I joined during my Sophomore year hoping to gain some professional skills that would help me in the business world, and I got so much more than that! Literally every role I’ve had within GreenLight has helped prepare me for life after graduation.”
Chloe Robertson, Internal Development Intern

“I was blown away by the order and depth of the organization. This is not simply a student club. This is a highly-organized, hierarchical team that enables students to gain real-world applicable experience. GLS has enhanced my collegiate experience and expanded my knowledge of sustainability outside the classroom.”

Josh Verdugo, ASU Chapter President

“GreenLight has been such a value add to my college experience—even as a junior. This is my first semester in the organization, and my project team and interactions with leadership have been stellar. I’ve been looking for ways to get involved with ‘green’ organizations on campus as a business sustainability major, and GreenLight has hands down been what I’ve been looking for.”

Michael Nelson, Phoenix Valley Metro Project Team

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“Let us take advantage of the opportunities presented by climate action and lay the foundations for a more prosperous and secure future for all.”

Ban Ki-Moon, Former U.N. Secretary General