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Since 2013, our evolving team of student Solutioneers at ASU and MCC have contributed more than 22,000 volunteer hours on their sustainability projects. We’ve helped nearly 50 businesses identify and implement sustainability opportunities into their operations.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our positive impact – our students, mentors, project partners, donors, sponsors, and community supporters.

You make our impact possible.

How We Measure These Numbers


Our hands-on projects with local businesses are where the rubber hits the road for our sustainability impact. We’ve implemented strategic solutions for nearly 50 businesses, from zero waste events to energy efficiency plans to sustainability reporting and more. Our dynamic team of students and professionals collaborate with business leaders to bring ideas to reality.

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Our organization is advancing the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our hands-on projects, interactive workshops, and educational series. Our Student-Led Projects utilize the SDGs to benchmark success and create measurable metrics and KPIs for our Project Partners.

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We have 200+ alumni who are moving and shaking things in their careers. The vast majority are working in a sustainability-related role or organization, and 90% of our alum say their experience in GreenLight Solutions helped them be prepared for a career in sustainability.

Where are they now?

GreenLight alum are spread across the world, working in diverse organizations, making a positive difference. Below are just a few notable places where our alumni are working: